Edibles - Gummies, Hard Candies, Multivitamins, Honey sticks


Premium CBD Infused Edibles soft candies. The CBD oil content in these packages of gummies come in 5 different levels:

75 mg,  150 mg,  300 mg,  500 mg, or  1000 mg

You can choose from 9 different varieties:

Watermelon slices, Cherry bombs, Worms, Bears, Peaches, Watermelon rings, Cherry rings, Strawberry banana flavor, and Sour patch flavor.


Premium CBD infused small, hard candies, from Budder Pros. Available in 13 flavors. Candies come in a package of 6.


Flavors are:  Cinnamon, Lemon, Lemon, Watermelon, Strawberry, Blueberry, Green Apple, Cherry, Grape, Apple, Blackberry, Grapefruit, or Mango


HOPE hard candy is a full spectrum, hard candy. GMO and chemical free. All natural. 10 pieces per bag, 100 mg CBD per bag.

HOPE hard candy comes in eight flavors: Cinnamon, coconut, lemon, lime, orange, peppermint, raspberry, root beer, and a variety pack (one bag with a variety of flavors).


HOPE Throat Lozenges are all natural, GMO and chemical free lozenges for a sore throat. Full spectrum CBD from hemp, these lozenges are honey lemon flavored. 10 pieces per bag, 200 mg CBD per bag.



From Budder Pros, this is CBD infused cough syrup. Available in 5 flavors.

Flavors are:  Cherry, Grape, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, or Orange


From La Vita Vitality, this Brazilian medium roast coffee is infused with full spectrum whole plant CBD, 500 mg. This package is whole beans for you to grind to brew the freshest coffee.